Beer, Wine, and Liquor

In East Cobb, there are numerous locations that sell beer, wine, and liquor.  Alcohol is available for sale 7 days a week and can be consumed at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, breweries, distilleries, and even some movie theatres, events, and festivals. Alcohol can also be purchased at a store or brewery/distillery for home consumption.

Where can I buy alcohol?

Grocery stores, gas stations, Costco/Sam’s/BJ’s wholesale clubs, and convenience stores in East Cobb sell beer and wine.  To purchase liquor in East Cobb, you will need to either go to a liquor store or a distillery.  Liquor stores are privately owned and are licensed to sell all types of beer, wine, and liquor.  Breweries and distilleries allow both on-site consumption and to-go sales.  The closest brewery to East Cobb is Red Hare Brewing and Distilling, though there are numerous other local breweries just minutes from East Cobb.

Can I purchase liquor at Costco or Total Wine?

Due to some archaic Georgia liquor laws, no business, person, or family can own more than two liquor stores within the state.  This means that places like Costco and Total Wine can sell beer and wine at all stores, but they can only sell liquor from two of their Georgia locations.  Unfortunately, Costco does not sell liquor at the two locations closest to East Cobb, however both of the Total Wine locations closest to East Cobb do sell liquor.  There are also numerous other liquor stores located throughout East Cobb.

What are the hours for selling packaged alcohol in East Cobb?

Liquor by the package can be sold Monday through Saturday from 8am to 11:45 pm, and on Sundays from 12:30pm to 11:30pm.  Beer and Wine by the package can be sold Monday through Friday from 6 am to 2 am, Saturday from 6 am to midnight, and Sunday from 12:30 pm to 11:30 am.

What are the hours for selling drinks for on-premise consumption?

On-premise consumption in East Cobb is available Monday through Friday from 6 am to 2 am, Saturday from 8 am to 2:55 am, and Sunday from 11 am to midnight.

Can alcohol be delivered to my residence in East Cobb?

Yes, you can order alcohol for delivery via companies like Instacart or Drizzly.  An adult aged 21 or older with a valid ID must be present at the drop-off location.

What are the rules regarding consumption of alcohol outside?

Open containers are generally not allowed in parks, government facilities, and most other public areas in East Cobb.  There are a few nearby locations that have been designated open container districts, meaning you can walk around with a beer, glass of wine, or mixed drink.  Open container districts nearby include Marietta Square, downtown Roswell’s Canton Street area, and Kennesaw’s downtown entertainment district.  In addition, many of the annual festivals like Taste of Marietta sell beer and wine that can be enjoyed anywhere on festival grounds.  There are also numerous beer and wine festivals in nearby locations throughout the year.