Is East Cobb Expensive?

East Cobb is an affluent and desirable area of metro Atlanta, and is often associated with stronger home values compared to some other regions in the area, but more affordable when compared to many other major cities. The cost of living, including housing and amenities, can be a bit higher in East Cobb due to the desirability as an area and the sought-after schools, safe neighborhoods, range of recreational facilities and amenities, and the close proximity to Atlanta.

Housing prices in East Cobb can vary based on the school district, neighborhood, property size, age of the home, and numerous other factors. Generally, you can find a mix of luxurious estates, upscale subdivisions, and some more affordable housing options in the area.  East Cobb housing prices tend to be highest in the Walton school district, followed by the Lassiter and Pope high school districts.

East Cobb becomes a bit more affordable though when you look at tax rates.  Compared to neighboring counties, East Cobb has the lowest property taxes in the Metro Atlanta area.  For example, Fulton County’s effective property tax rate is 1.09 percent while the effective property tax rate in East Cobb is 0.84 percent.  In Fulton County, a $500,000 home would come with an annual tax bill of $5,450.  In East Cobb, that same $500,000 home would have an annual tax bill of just $4,200, saving the homeowner $1,250 each year.  Sales tax is also lower in East Cobb, at just 6% compared to 8.9% in Fulton County.

Keep in mind that economic conditions, housing markets, tax rates, and cost of living can change over time. If you’re considering moving to or residing in East Cobb, it’s advisable to  consult with local real estate experts to get a clear understanding of the current cost of living in the area.