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Moving Guide

If you are moving to East Cobb, there are several tasks you will need to do when you get here.  These tasks include setting up your utilities, getting a new title for your vehicles, registration of your vehicle and getting new license plates, getting a Georgia drivers license, getting car insurance for your vehicle, and registering to vote.

Residents of East Cobb can select from a number of utility providers for most services.  For more information, please visit our East Cobb Utilities Directory.

Motor Vehicles
Out of state vehicles must be registered within 30 days of residency.  You will also need to get car insurance and most will need an emissions test before registering your vehicle in Cobb County.

Emissions Testing
If your vehicle model year is this year, last year, or the year before, an emissions test is not required.  An emission test is also not required if your vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle, a motorcycle, an rv.  Emissions tests are $25 or less, and numerous testing facilities are in the area.  If your vehicle fails inspection, you must pay to have it repaired and then you can get it tested again at the same facility within 30 days.

Driver’s License
New residents must apply for a Georgia driver’s license within 30 days. Licenses are valid for 8 years.

Property Tax
If you own a home with a mortgage, property tax is usually paid via an escrow account with your mortgage company.  If your home is your primary residence, you can apply for the homestead exemption to lower your bill.

To register your child for school, visit our East Cobb Schools Directory for a listing of area schools and important links to the Cobb County School District website.

Register to Vote
You can register to vote at the Georgia Department of Driver Services when you get your driver’s license.  To vote in Georgia, you must be a United States citizen, 18 years or older on Election Day, legal resident of a Georgia county, no felony conviction, and not been judged to be mentally incompetent.  dds.georgia.gov/

Getting Around
The most popular form of transportation in East Cobb is by car.  Parking is plentiful and roads are generally well maintained.  If you do not have a car, you can use services like Uber, Lyft, Taxis, or public transportation. East Cobb is serviced by CCT (Cobb Community Transit) bus lines. If you are interested in going to Atlanta or other areas near Marietta, but outside of Cobb County, you can take CCT to a transfer station at MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority). MARTA is the public transportation system for Metro Atlanta and uses both buses and trains. To transfer onto MARTA, you can take CCT to a MARTA station and you are only charged once for the CCT fare. There is no transfer fee when going from CCT to MARTA. With CCT, there is limited service on Sundays and some holidays, including New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Please visit the public transportation websites for the latest information on routes, fares, maps, and other info:
CCT: www.cobbdot.org/cct.htm.
MARTA: www.itsmarta.com